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Dear  visitor,

Thank you for checking out our buycraft store. Everything donated here goes right back into the server in several ways. From obtaining custom plugins to keeping the website and server up, your donations go a long way. Since everything here you can get in game, we greatly appreciate your support in our server. If you are donating for someone else, enter their in-game name when the option pops up.

Purchases may take up to an hour to process, after an hour if you still do not receive your in-game item please go to our forums and let us know (townyage.com).

Please be sure to read our Terms of Service before any transaction here. You can find the Terms of Service here.

Keep in mind TownyAge is in no way affiliated with Minecraft and Mojang, AB and is not endorced by Mojang, AB. Please do not contact them about any purchases as they cannot help you in any way.


Thank you so much for supporting us,



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What are tickets?

You ever come across in game deals where someone will give you items or other stuff for you to donate for them? But you are worried about scams? Now you can buy a ticket and safely trade it in game!

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